Mobile Sandblasting

Mobile Sandblasting
Mobile Surface Preparation

Advanced Blasting solutions is able to come to where the work is. Our equipment is portable and can go about any were the work is. We offer traditional dry blasting with multiple abrasives that can be utilized such as crushed recycled glass, Soda Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Corn cob, Walnut shells, and many more.

Advanced Blasting Solutions is committed to tailoring our process to best fit the needs of your task.  Our system is mobile and can come directly to your location assisting in the logistics for your larger or unmovable jobs.  If you desire to deliver your project to our location we can prepare your surface here reducing expenses for you by utilizing the efficiencies of our facilities.

Advanced Blasting Solutions also provides Dustless blasting system utilizing media and water.  Using this method we are able to provide a service that greatly reduces the dust and environmental contamination that is prevalent with traditional blasting methods. Dustfree blasting is ideal for surfaces that would normally be affected by dry blasting such as lighter metals, brick and block, and concrete. Removal of coatings such as powder coatings, tar, and asphalt products would normally become gummy during dry blasting methods; however they are carried away with the water during this process.

Advanced Blasting Solutions provides Soda Blasting for items that could be easily damaged or areas where harder abrasives could damage the sub straight or get into areas such as bearings damage seals etc.