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Advanced Blasting Solutions is pleased to offer media blasting services for your surface preparation needs. We offer traditional blasting methods with products such as soda, recycled bottle glass, garnet or synthetic products for typical applications. We also have a dustless blasting system that incorporates the use of water. The water will carry the particles to the ground preventing airborne dust reducing cleanup. The water also acts as a cooling agent to prevent the warping of metal from the heat produced by the friction of the blasting process, increasing efficiency and reducing cost over soda. Our equipment has the flexibility to use almost any media such as organic materials such as walnut shells or corn cob.

              Advanced Blasting Solutions offers services for Automotive, AG, Industrial, Construction, Restoration, Marine, Manufacturing, and Residential. We have a completely mobile unit and serve the Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Eastern Iowa areas or you can bring your project directly to our shop in Stockton IL.
              We can remove paint, powder coating, rust, concrete, sealers, stains, adhesives, tar, etc. Whether you are restoring an old vehicle to a farm tractor, resealing a log home or repainting a house, freshening up your trailer, equipment or patio furniture we would provide you with the best surface preparation possible.

              Your project has its challenges and problems to overcome and we want to help you solve them. No matter the job scope, Advanced Blasting Solutions can adapt to your needs to get your project to the next level. Contact Brad at (815)-275-7030 or use the convenient form on this web site to contact us. We look forward to helping make your project vision a reality.